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Luminous Skipping Rope

Luminous Skipping Rope

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I love it! The bounce and the weight is perfect for jumping rope at night. I highly recommend it!
- Abdullah Khalid  ✅ VERIFIED BUYER


The Light Up Jump Rope will have you skipping and jumping all night long with bright Color LED lights! The lightweight design and comfort handle decrease pressure on your hands. allowing you to burn calories and enjoy a terrific jump without any additional pain.

These are perfect for light festivals. parties. and fun night workouts. and also very suitable for adults.

It is compact and portable. allowing you to carry it at any time for exercise. and the personalized lighting design makes exercising more enjoyable. Have fun playing and exercising using this Adjustable Light-emitting Jump Rope with the whole family while burning fats for a healthier lifestyle.


✔️ Cool lighting

This product's personalized design includes luminous equipment. excellent lighting. and a more enjoyable workout process.

✔️ Non-slip material

This product's handle is non-slip PP material. effectively avoiding slides and ensuring movement peace of mind.

✔️ Meaningful design

 The product's handle is of reasonable weight. making it easier for athletes to grasp and move.

✔️ Compact and portable

This product can be carried around for exercise. allowing you to work out whenever and wherever you want.

✔️ Adjustable Length

The cable of the product can be simply cut to adjust its length according to the user's height.

✔️ Suitable for Adults and Children (Unisex)

 This product is adjustable. suitable for kids and adults. It also comes in a variety of color variants. making it suitable for people of all genders.


✔️ Physical body enhancement

 By skipping rope. you can increase your height. lose weight. and improve your body.  It is an excellent option for boxing. MMA. and cross-training.

✔️ Exercise will be more enjoyable

 The products' cool lighting will make exercising more enjoyable and interesting.

✔️ Suitable for Nighttime Activities or Dark Places

The LED lighting in the product will allow you to work out at night or in dimly lit areas.


  • Press the switch at the end of the handle to activate the light

  • Insert 4x AA batteries to the handles. (2 batteries on each handle)


  • Cable Material: ABS + PRO optical fiber
  • Optical cable size: 4.5mm diameter and 2.8m length
  • Handle Material: Non-slip PP


  • 1 x  Luminous Skipping Rope


  • You can cut the cable to adjust the length. but make sure to leave a length of about 5mm-7mm at the end to plug the cable into the LED slot of the handle.


Shipping will be deliver in 3 to 5 Working Days.

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