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Japanese Melasma Cream

Japanese Melasma Cream

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Product description:

馃憦(1) 銆怓ading Dark Spot銆慉ble to deep into the skin, Dark Spot Corrector For Face can speed up the breakdown of melanin and fade age spots, freckles, stains, etc.

馃憦(2) 銆怟eep Your Skin Vibrant銆慙etting the skin get full nourishment, Dr. Hancy White Spot Cream enhances skin and extra gentle on the most sensitive skin and body parts.

馃憦(3) 銆怣oisture Function銆慙ocking in moisture, Spot Off Whitening Cream deeply penetrates the skin to help cells maintain the moisture produced by the skin and provides refreshing hydration.

馃憦(4) 銆怮uality Plant Ingredient銆慒ormulated with effective herbal ingredients, Dark Spot Remover contains nicotinamide and arbutin and brightens skin tone from the inside out.

馃憦(5) 銆怑xtensive Application銆慏ark Spot Corrector is effective and safe to use for the sensitive complexion, which is suitable for susceptible to stimulation skin and can be used in the day and night skincare routine.

馃憦(6) 銆怑asy to Absorb銆慙ight texture, easy to apply and absorb, refreshing and non-greasy, breathable and comfortable, use it in the morning or evening, the skin is more translucent.

馃憗锔How to use:

銆怑asy to Use銆 Take an appropriate amount of cream on your hands and spread it evenly, then wipe it on your face.

Scope of Application:

銆怱uitable for All Skin Types銆 White Spot Cream has a mild formula. Dark Spot Corrector is non-irritating and extra gentle on the most sensitive skin and body areas. Make you more radiant and attractive.

馃挅Product ingredients:

銆怗old Ingredient 銆慐ffectively cuts off melanin from the source Nicotinamide Lighten聽dull yellowing evens out skin tone 3-O-Rthyl Ascorbic Acid, Increase collagen inhibit melanin, Arbutin, Accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin


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