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High Pressure Brass Nozzle Water Spray

High Pressure Brass Nozzle Water Spray

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PURE BRASS, HIGH QUALITY, ½” (Half inch) Spray Nozzle, Adjustable Spray patterns. Connects to common 1/2 inch hosepipe. Just turn slightly to change spray pattern - for watering garden, washing cars, washing house, etc. Set of 1 Nozzle with Connector. Box packaged, for no scratches during shipping.

LONG CONNECTOR for super grip on pipe. Heavy, made of pure brass. ½”. Rust free. Long lasting. Strong & Durable. Does not break if it falls on ground, because its brass. Tested for several thousands of turns.

STRONG UNIBODY DESIGN. For Long Life & No leakage. Fine finish. Nozzle is already screwed tightly to connector. Connects to half inch hosepipe only.

LONG LIFE, as it’s integrated design. Does not have inner spring or holding nut – so does not have anything that can become loose over time. So, very long life. Its 9 cm long, with round connector that’s super easy to hold in hand.

PRE-ASSEMBLED. Nozzle is already screwed tight to connector. Very simple to connect and use. Just connect to hosepipe and its ready. Takes a few seconds to connect. Works with all thickness of half inch hose pipe. Pure Brass – with mirror finish.



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