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Dual Flame Dragon Lighter

Dual Flame Dragon Lighter

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LIMITED EDITION - Limited Stock available for this model

This CHAI brass lighter is a unique lighter that is made to impress anyone. It has a dual flame, one that come out of the main body and another one out of the dragon's mouth.

  • Refillable for LIFETIME use

  • Windproof jet flame 

  • Adjustable flame size

  •  Lighter Size: 7.3 cm x 3.3 cm

  • Type of fuel: Purified butane gas


  • * This Chai lighter comes packaged in a gift box
  • * Due to transport regulations, all lighters come empty of fuel
  • * Please keep in mind that it is impossible for the flame to stay pink forever. All colour flames will eventually turn into a beautiful blue flame over time. 


Shipping will be deliver in 3 to 5 Working Days.

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